Starting Out Small

I mentioned it before in my previous post, but it’s a good idea to “start small”. Not only for the actual game design, but also for publishing and production.

Fairy Rade Title Single Line

On that note, we’re about to launch our first card game, The Fairy Rade! All art and layout is done, and we have prototype decks. Initially, we’re going to be publishing as a POD (Print On Demand) in partnership with DriveThru Cards. This system works great for small, individual orders, which is a good way to get your product out to the public.

While POD solutions are great for small sales runs, they’re not great for pushing out to distributors and getting into retail channels; the margins just aren’t there. For that, more traditional publishing methods need to be done, and we hope to launch a Kickstarter for The Fairy Rade as well. We’re still finalizing details, and hope to have more information on that this fall.

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