Fairy Rade

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Ai me! why stood I on the bent
When Summer wept o’er dying June!
I saw the Fairy Folk ride faint
Aneath the moon.


The haw-trees hedged the russet lea
Where cuckoo-buds waxed rich with gold;
The wealthy corn rose yellowly
Endlong the wold.


Betwixt the haw-trees and the mead
“The Fairy Rade” came glimmering on;
A creamy cavalcade did speed
O’er the green lawn.

— From The Fairy Rade by Madison Julius Cawein, 1887

Featuring all original artwork inspired by Art Nouveau, The Fairy Rade™ is a quick playing card game for 2 to 4 players, where each player is the leader of a Fairy Parade trying to trick humans into joining their procession.


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