Green Fairy Studios LLC Launches Patreon Page


Contact: D. Anthony Robinson, President, Green Fairy Studios LLC,

Green Fairy Studios LLC Launches Patreon Page
September 1, 2017

SEATTLE, WA – Green Fairy Studios LLC, an independent tabletop game publisher in Seattle, officially launches their Patreon page to raise funds.

Green Fairy Studios currently publishes Fairy Rade™, a trick-taking, Hearts-like card game for 2 to 4 players, available now as Print On Demand (POD) via Each player is the leader of a Fairy Parade, trying to trick unwary humans into becoming part of their procession. Play continues in a series of rounds, until one player has tricked enough mortals to be declared the new Fairy King or Queen!

Fairy Rade™ is the first in a series of games to be published by Green Fairy Studios, and the company plans to use Patreon funding to develop further games, including Lygari!™, a bluffing card game in which players take the roles of one of the Einherjar, boasting about their exploits in Valhalla. The Patreon page will include exclusive previews, including artwork and beta rules.

“We hope to create a great community with the Patreon launch, and look forward to previewing new art, new games, and getting feedback from our Patrons,” said Anthony Robinson, President of Green Fairy Studios LLC. “Crowdfunding is one of the best ways for small companies to build a community and raise funds, and we’re excited to start that process.”

The Patreon page is located at