Green Fairy Studios LLC Joins Indie Game Alliance


Contact: D. Anthony Robinson, President, Green Fairy Studios LLC,

Green Fairy Studios LLC Joins Indie Game Alliance
August 20, 2018

SEATTLE, WA – Green Fairy Studios LLC, an independent tabletop game publisher in Seattle, has joined the Indie Game Alliance.

Green Fairy Studios joined the Indie Game Alliance, a network of game developers, designers, publishers, artists, and others dedicated to the tabletop gaming industry. With two card games currently published as Print on Demand products (Fairy Rade and Lygari!), Green Fairy Studios hopes to take advantage of the great resources the Indie Game Alliance (IGA) offers their members.

“Being a small publisher is extremely daunting,” said D. Anthony Robinson, President of Green Fairy Studios. “Becoming part of a network like the IGA should really help us move from being solely a POD operation, and hopefully get our products into print and distribution sooner.”

The IGA has over 990 members, including publishers, volunteers, freelancers, and designers. For more information about the IGA, visit their homepage at

More information about Green Fairy Studios LLC is available on their web site at or on their Facebook site at

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