Green Fairy Studios LLC Releases Lygari! Card Game on DriveThruCards


Contact: D. Anthony Robinson, President, Green Fairy Studios LLC,

Green Fairy Studios LLC Releases Lygari! Card Game on DriveThruCards
October 1, 2017

SEATTLE, WA – Green Fairy Studios LLC, an independent tabletop game publisher in Seattle, releases their second card game, Lygari!™, on

Following the success of their first card game, Fairy Rade™, as a Print On Demand (POD) title offered via, Green Fairy Studios LLC has released their second card game as a POD title as well. Lygari!™ is a bluffing card game for 3-6 players, where each player takes the role of one of the Einherjar, the spirits of Viking warriors, in Valhalla, boasting about their quests in their former lives. Players make claims to defeating various types of creatures from Norse myth, but may lie about which cards they have played. Other players must judge when to call each other a “Lygari,” a liar.

Lygari!™ is the second in a series of games to be published by Green Fairy Studios that explores various ancient myths, including Norse, Celtic, Greek, and others.

“We hope these smaller card games can help us raise funds for some of the bigger projects we have in mind,” said Anthony Robinson, President of Green Fairy Studios LLC. “We have a really interesting setting in mind, and look forward to showing off more hints about it through each of our smaller games.”

More information about Green Fairy Studios LLC is available on their web site at Lygari!™ is available on at