Green Fairy Studios started as a general gaming blog and commissioned painting services by D. Anthony Robinson in 2007. After spending nearly 30 years in this hobby and doing volunteer work for several different game companies over the years, Anthony decided it was time to have a go at making his own games, and thus Green Fairy Studios LLC was born in January 2015.

Green Fairy Studios strives to create new, interesting games in unique settings. We want to produce our games and accessories in conjunction with local sources when we can. Quality is important for us; we believe if you’re going to do something, take the time to do it right!

Green Fairy Studios is hard at work right now designing and play-testing, and preparing manufacturing partnerships. We are not accepting any unsolicited submissions at this time.

Green Fairy Studios is a proud member of the Indie Game Alliance since August 2018!


The Team

D. Anthony Robinson

President, Founder

Anthony, or D as his friends and family know him, has spent most of his life playing tabletop games, including RPGs such as Dungeons & Dragons and moving to miniature wargames in the early ’80s. A chronic sufferer of figmentia, he finds it hard to resist nice, shiny, little miniatures…

Anthony has done volunteer work for several game companies over the years, including co-developing expansions for Battlestorm by Ral Partha Games, acting as an official judge for the Ultimate Combat martial arts card game, and served as an Infernal (official rules clarification liaison) for Privateer Press from 2011-2014.

Anthony founded Green Fairy Studios to work on his own games, and help other, independent designers in developing and publishing their own creations.

Terms and Conditions

Distributors and Retailers

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